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B. Bennett

We were referred to Todd by an adviser and are grateful for the introduction. Todd is passionate about long-term care and he understands the mechanics of the various products and policies available to consumers. He always listened to our questions and explained the “what ifs” clearly and patiently. Thorough, organized and responsive.

Felene G Bayles

knowledgeable prompt responses
loves what he does for a profession
helps the client through the whole process
highly recommend this agent

Keel McClintick

Todd was more than diligent and thorough with what turned into a complicated policy. We are certain we can contact him in the future with any questions even though the policy has been written and completed.

David And Michiko

We shopped around for long term care insurance. I contacted Todd from the AARP recommendation and was not disappointed. Todd offered the best prices and by far the most thorough understanding of the product. At one point, his intimate knowledge of the product and the purchasing process saved us a ton of money. He is very responsive and never delayed the timeline. LTCI represented a major and complicated purchase for us and Todd was very respectful of our time, questions, and circumstances. All emails were answered promptly and when I couldn’t respond right away, I received a gentle reminder that was not at all overbearing. Todd walked us through the entire process from start to finish and has remained in touch after the sale. I really couldn’t ask for a better representative.

Scott Burton

We took a long time to decide and through it, Todd was patient, professional and very responsive. He made it an easy process for us.

Ron Berglas

Todd Stein has been a godsend in a turbulent time. He shepherded us through the insurance fine print expertly and sold us the best possible policy. But he didn’t disappear after we bought the policy; after I had my stroke he helped us use the policy we bought most effectively. Eight months later, he’s still there offering expert advice and compassion. If you’ve ever considered purchasing insurance, called Todd Stein. He’ll be there for you.

Andrea Herrera

Todd rocks! After I flaked out on our first phone appt. and being too embarrassed to call back, he waited a discreet few months and called again. Today I have a full policy in effect and never have to worry about my only child having to change my adult diaper etc. No joke. Todd knows his business. Period.

Dan and Angela Deeb

Todd was excellent in helping us understand Long Term Care Policies and in choosing which policy is best for our future needs. He is very responsive and accommodating every time we had a question or concern. We felt very secure and satisfied with our policy. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends who are looking into LTC policies.

Mark And Kristi

I appreciated Todd’s approach to helping my wife and I decide on something important that we’ve delayed for years. He’s thorough and takes time to ensure we were fully informed and leaving us to decide, with no pressure. Look forward to recommending him to family and friends who need to this as well.

Wiene Frans

My husband and I were guided very skillfully by Mr. Stein in this complex process. I appreciate his patience, attention to detail and excellent organization skills. Todd was able to listen to our needs and concerns and deliver a product that we believe will give us peace of mind for a contingency that none of us likes to dwell on.

Debbie Kaufman

We had questions and we were afraid to get it wrong. Todd worked with us. He answered questions and more questions. He made suggestions and helped us work out what we needed and how best to accomplish it. Again, we were afraid of making the wrong choice. He answered more questions until we felt confident that we were buying the right insurance for us. He was exactly what my engineer husband needed as far as the facts go and what I needed as far as reassurance goes. Thank you Todd!!!

Maureen Tarkington

Todd was very organized. He kept us on track once we knew we wanted to go with him. Everything went smoothly and as expected. We were both approved and can now rest easier knowing that our two boys don’t have to care for us later in life or if something were to happen earlier. That is something we are very grateful for. Todd explained the benefits of this policy and we were relieved to know this product was available to us. We would recommend his services for all of our friends and family.

Gino and Julie Muzzatti

My wife and I, both in our mid-sixties, came across Todd Stein’s name after doing an Internet search for long-term care insurance and locating the ACSIA website that features his services. We decided to call him and from the first sentence, we realized that we were working with a consummate professional whose main interest was to get us the best quality long-term care insurance policy available at a cost we were comfortable with paying. We were very satisfied with how Todd listened to our concerns, answered our questions and stayed with us throughout the entire process. FEDEX just delivered our policies and now we sleep better at night knowing that we have great coverage thanks to Todd Stein.

Mark Reuben Ong

You’re awesome!

Beth Gould

Todd is well versed in LTC Benefits and Riders. His focus was “Our Needs” and did several comparison proposals to enable us to understand the cost and benefits of the insurance. I know you will be pleased with his manner and eagerness to accommodate scheduling and providing accurate information.

Jim Roubos

Todd did a great job with us on our long term health insurance. He was responsive to all our questions, not pushy, gave options and easy to work with. He was very much on top of the details so everything went through smoothly and on the first submission. I highly recommend him.

Lee Wilhite

Todd provided my wife and I with a thorough and timely review of LTCi and our options. He’s professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable and matter of fact. We appreciated his posture helping us determine the best solution for our needs. There was absolutely no pressure, which is exactly why we’ve decided to work with Todd long-term. We highly recommend Todd.

Sheila Morrison

Todd called me as soon as I inquired about LTCI. He had quotes and all the information I needed immediately. Todd is knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Todd Stein for your LTCI needs.

Scott Brewster

First off, I wasn’t able to get a policy through Todd because of previous cancer. BUT, we worked through where I could! What a pro.

A Pleased California Client

Todd is exceptional. He is well versed in top-market policies, insurance company positioning and premium trends. Personally, he understands the cost and commitment of insurance purchase for his clients and dives fully into churning numbers and generating specs to offer best-suited ideas and options. He follows client policy purchase from start to finish, reviewing final policy content to confirm client’s coverage is as expected. He will not hesitate to contact an insurance company about any underwriting delay or process hiccup. Todd is not intimidated by the scope of work or time required in providing top-level service. He truly cares for his clients and holds them in impressively capable hands. His work is amazing and he’s a pretty neat guy.

Wayne F

I have an LTC plan already in force – for over 15 years – and asked Todd to see whether or not I should keep it or get a new one given all the new types of LTC in effect. He was very honest with me and told me to keep it He did not do a hard sell, was very prompt at calling me back, explained to me why what I had was worth keeping, etc. I would consider him on my future insurance needs.

Troy D

Very honest with me, even though I did not ending up using him, he gave me his thoughts on the plan that I already had. Not many people would be as honest as Todd was. I would recommend him based on his honesty and knowledge of Long Term Care Ins.

Kim Schroder

Todd Sein is very professional. He walked us through the application process, answered all of our questions and stayed in contact with us while we were waiting for our approval. We appreciate Todd and would definitely recommend him to family and friends. Ron and Kim Schroder

Carmen Abbott

I found Mr. Stein to be the ultimate professional when working with me to provide me with Long Term Care. He was patient and provided information when requested. In addition he sent additional information he thought would be helpful during the holidays. He was always available to assist. I recommend him highly.

Judy Szilagyi

Todd Stein has been my long term care agent for about eight years. He is always well informed, professional, and caring during our infrequent communications. Just as important he responds immediately to any question. I highly recommend him.

Ray Wersel

Todd is very knowledgeable on all aspects of life insurance and long term care insurance. He spent the time explaining all the details to us, sometimes more than once. Todd was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him for all your long term care insurance needs. He did a great job setting us up with a life insurance policy with a long term care rider which covers all our needs for each other and relieves our kids of taking care of us should we need long term care. Thanks much Todd for all the time you spent with us and for providing policies that fit our budget and covers our long term care needs. Dana & Ray


Todd gives 110% to the process of getting Long Term Care Insurance. He worked hard from start to finish to advocate for me in getting LTC. The whole process was done remotely through phone calls and computers. Todd is an expert on LTC and explains things clearly and fully. He makes calls to all the right people during the process should there be any difficulty. He is an excellent LTC agent and I greatly appreciate all the help he gave me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for Long Term Care Insurance.


I feel very fortunate to have found Todd to get me through the process of obtaining my important LTC insurance. And we were able to conduct this business entirely over the phone and computer! Todd is professional, knowledgeable, great communicator and informative. It was great to deal with a personable expert. Thank you Todd.

Anne Mileck

Todd was super helpful to us with Long Term Health Care decisions. He knows his business well and made the process very smooth and efficient for us over the phone and on line. Todd returns calls promptly and follows up to ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks.


Todd was very helpful when we were ready to buy LTC insurance! He’s very knowledgeable about assisted living and the costs, and was able to steer us to the right policies with decent, affordable coverage. He took the time to lead us step-by-step through the application process to ensure that there were no mistakes and that everything happened in a timely fashion. We’re so appreciative of his help. We’d recommend him to anyone who’s looking into LTC insurance!

Shannon and Mike Mackin

Todd took plenty of time with us to explain all of our options and helping us to find the one that best fit our situation. He was available to answer all of our questions while we were making our decision.

Carol Bennett

When looking for long-term care insurance we were helped tremendously by Todd. He knew the products and got us set up. Five years later I decided to compare what we had with another agent to see if there was a better deal. That is when I found out what a great job Todd had done .The other agent said” Whoever gave you this insurance did a great job. I cannot offer you anything better.” When I said it was Todd Stein she knew him and was very complimentary of his expertise.

Cynthia Meier

We had an excellent experience purchasing our long term care insurance through Todd. Our previous advisor did not master the complexity of LTC offerings and had misled us regarding the options that were actually available to us. Todd knows the business inside out. He explained all the information in a clear in-depth manner which made us very comfortable with our final selection. He has endless patience and was never too busy to answer our numerous questions. We give him 10/10 and would recommend him without hesitating. We feel extremely fortunate to have met Todd when we did. He delivered what he promised and we are pleased with the outcome.

Gregory Margolf

Knowledgeable and easy to talk with helpful advice

Kathy Fortenberry

We were very happy with Todd Stein. He got back to us promptly even on the weekend. He made us comfortable, and strived to give us the best policy to meet our needs and budget. I would recommend him to anyone for Long Term Insurance, he was very knowledgeable about the carriers and policies. He jumped in and took over to handle a name change that we had where the health insurance hadn’t updated their records yet.


Todd was very detailed-oriented and thorough in his explanations of what we were purchasing. He was readily available to answer all of our questions. His on-line web presentation also excellent. We enjoyed working with Todd. We highly recommend Todd as a trustworthy agent in purchasing long-term care insurance. We also recommend Todd Stein to our close friends.

Scott Doerr

Todd Stein is not a salesman who pushes purchases; he’s a compassionate man who wants to help people. He has a family history of seeing those needing long term care. It is his personal experiences that drives him to satisfy your family needs. It’s not about sales, it’s about what is needed. Todd is very competent and will advise you to do what is best for you and your family. He fights for what is right! Even after my wife and I had decided the best options specifically for us, Todd insisted on helping my father who already had insurance. Todd had nothing to gain by helping my father, but he wanted to make sure my father was treated as he should be treated. Todd is truly caring of you and your family needs, independent of commission checks. My wife and I could tell quickly; he is the one expert who we could trust to guide us on the best path. My wife and I encourage you to give him a chance. You will be glad you did.

Lewis Byington

Todd is terrific! If you are like me and find health care insurance complex and confusing and need to get to the bottom-line in make choices, he’s the agent for you.

Doug and Lois

Todd Stein did an excellent job explaining all the different kinds of insurance policies available for long term care insurance. He was very patient and guided us through each step of qualifying for this insurance with follow up emails. His pre interview help narrow down what we were looking for so that Lois and I were not over whelmed so many different kinds of policies. I feel very comfortable and positive about the policy we purchased. I feel this policy will work well for us when we have to use it. Thank you again for your patients. Doug & Lois


After our financial planner advised us to seek out a Long Term Care policy, my wife and I started looking for help on the internet. That led us to three different resources. The first agent seemed not to care whether he helped us or not. The second agent (actually a group of agents who tried to triple-team us) tried to sell us an extremely expensive policy with way too many bells and whistles, and when we made it clear that we were not in a position to afford such a policy, they quickly lost interest. Todd Stein was very different. He took the time and effort to ask enough questions to determine exactly what we needed and then he presented just the right options to allow us to make the best decisions. He carefully walked us through the application process and kept in touch until we were finally approved for a very good policy at a very good price from our company of choice. Todd is open, honest, friendly, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to talk to. If I could give him ten stars, I would gladly do so.


I rate Mr Todd Stein 5 + stars. He has been an exceptional excellent agent. Todd went through every details of our proposed insurance programs. He was patient and clearly explained all details. He showed us all differences in each scenario. He is knowledgeable, honest, friendly and very hard working. I introduced Todd for other friends and relatives. All gave him a very high scores.


Todd is very professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. He was very thorough in explaining everything and presenting all my options. He walked me through the process every step of the way, and was great in keeping in touch with me through email/phone calls and letting me know what was happening. I highly recommend Todd Stein for all your needs in Long-Terms Care Solutions.


Great to work with. Was very thorough in explaining everything and presenting all our options. He walked us through the process every step of the way, and was great in keeping in touch with us through email and letting us know what was happening.


I feel very fortunate to have found Todd to get me through the process of obtaining my important LTC insurance. And we were able to conduct this business entirely over the phone and computer! Todd is professional, knowledgeable, great communicator and informative. It was great to deal with a personable expert. Thank you Todd.

Mike and Judy

Thank you so much for your time and information. You have eased our minds. We will recommend you to everyone


My search for a long-term care provider resulted in more questions than answers and more confusion than clarity. I had no idea of how complex the process can be. Then I found Todd, who gave me exactly the guidance I needed. Links sent before our meeting provided an excellent overview and education, as well as enabling me to ask relevant questions. Todd is direct and focused while being friendly and accessible. From the beginning I had a strong sense of his personal integrity. I especially appreciated the virtual screen-sharing environment that allowed me to make important decisions at home in my jammies! Seeing major carriers side-by-side in a comprehensive table was most beneficial. During our meeting Todd pointed out several options well suited to my needs that I may never have discovered on my own. A huge plus is that Todd and his fellow agents have no vested interest in selecting one insurance provider over another. In short, I am thoroughly satisfied with the person and the process. I wholeheartedly recommend Todd to anyone seeking LTC insurance.


Todd: you made a complicated process very simple for an extremely busy person. I am a manager in the health profession, so I have long days at work. I sincerely appreciate your patience and ability to work so efficiently around my busy schedule. Thank you so much for your support and assistance during this process. Your knowledge is truly amazing and I feel as if you guided me towards a very reasonably priced long-term care plan. Best regards, Jessica

Mark A Williams

Thanks for all your help Todd, we appreciate it. I hope all goes well and we can get ourselves covered, honestly I think this is a great solution to possible down the road problems. Mark


Congratulations on your recent milestone in the LTCI industry . Most insurance producers in a lifetime never help as many clients as you have in your intitial years as a specialist. Most significantly, this past year no one has apparently been in a position to respond to and assist as many consumers- who prefer not to have a "salesman" come in to their homes and attempt to sell them one product vs another. Your virtual on line appointments, screen sharing opportunities that put major carriers side by side on a level playing field , is clearly the manner in which today's consumers prefer to be educated, so they may resolve this challenging issue. Your clients are fortunate to have found you!


Todd, thank you so much for the time you spend helping people plan for long term care. You are a true professional. Denise

Ursula Woudsma

Todd Thank you very much for your help during our research phase with a very effective and efficient presentation and discussion, and during the application process when we had a potentially important development pop up. We were very happy to follow Todd's recommendations and pursue a LTC policy through him. Todd has been very helpful, supportive, professional, respectful and responsive, and we greatly appreciated it!

Cheng Chow

Hello Todd, Thanks for a nice meeting. I think yours is a good idea. Very informative. I appreciate it. Thanks.

Chris and Vicky Zirkle

Working with Todd was a pleasure. He was very personable, knowlegeable, and informative, patiently guiding us through the process and answering our questions. Through his excellent assistance we have been able to apply for an affordable long term care product tailored to our needs. We would highly recommend Todd to anyone.


Todd Your presentation to well over 50 participants was extremely clear and informative....we all came away with a better understanding of how this risk should be perceived and addressed, logically. And your sincerity and genuine concern underscored each of your suggestions and approaches relating to what can be a challenging topic. Thanks again for sharing and educating! Regards Gene

Mary Iannelli

Todd has helped in educating ourselves on long-term care planning. He is very informed. All of our concerns and questions were met with thoughtful and clear answers. I highly recommend Todd to anyone seeking long-term care solutions. Thanks for all the help with our policy!!

Brian Quint

Todd, we want to share how appreciative my wife and I have been with your dedication to ensure we were well taken care of as clients. I was not too familiar with the intricacies of Long Term Care insurance and you were simply indispensable. Thank you for: * Educating us about Long Term Care insurance * Understanding our needs/concerns regarding insurance * Having the patience to listen and answer "all" questions thoroughly * Guiding us through the whole process always there to assist * Helping us to pick the right insurance that balanced our needs and affordability * Caring We highly recommend you for anyone needing or wanting to be educated on this area of insurance support for the family. Thank you Todd, Brian & Kathleen Quint

Louise & David McCormick

Just wanted to thank you, Todd, for all your efforts in getting us long-term care insurance. You really went to bat for us, going "above and beyond the call of duty." We appreciate your patience and the information you provided us to help make our decision. We will definitely pass your name on to friends who might be considering getting long-term care insurance. Thanks.
We were referred to Todd by an adviser and are grateful for the introduction. Todd is passionate about long-term care and he understands the mechanics of the various products and policies available… Read More

B. Bennett

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